An ejaculatory personal inferno at the 2nd Circle of Hell JcPenny's

In the second circle of Hell, there exists a godforsaken mall across the street from the ice cream parlor I had recounted before.

Wheezing inside the intestines of the desolation, only two establishments are still in business: JC Penny's, and the Sizzler's in the food court.

If you find yourself at the JC Penny's, beware of the young empusa that works in the fitting room, her treacheries have been witnessed first hand by your Dragon Master from afar.

As you undress, she will enter the fitting room and violate your genitals with her four hands, working in an efficient and malevolent manner.

Her technique will elicit a toxic ejaculatory personal inferno, caustic seminal fluids of which will sentence your urethra to death as it vomits from the tip of your corroding, melting dick.

A Fruit Tart A Day Keeps the Cancer Cough Away

It was insufferably hot for a picnic in the park, so we roosted in the concealment of my shadowy lair instead.

We sprawled our sweaty bodies atop her Solapuri Chaddar she had extended on the floor, seeking salvation from the condemning inferno rays of afternoon summer outside.

She brought me borsch, matzo ball soup, potato salad, and a fruit tart that made me feel loved–I really like fruit tarts.

We discussed my cancer health, and thereafter, easy the buffoonery of my sworn enemies.

After we said our goodbyes I went inside, laid down, and finished my fruit tart in bed. It's good to have friends that understand you.

Pearl Necklace

What bedeviled me most about the entire episode, was the look in her possessed eyes as she petitioned me for her gift–a pearl necklace I projected onto her face.

She wore it proudly for me as she got up from her knees, walked across the hotel room, and kissed her boyfriend adoringly as he stroked his cock with indulgence.

They were in love, and it was beautiful.

Vigilant Nights

The first night it happened, I have to admit, I was startled. When I approached my bedroom window and saw her looking in, I immediately recognized her–the teenaged neighbor girl that would walk by my house everyday after school.

She had her left nimble hand between her unripened thighs, and was wearing a lascivious look on her shadowy face. We held eachother's gaze for a moment, and I suddenly understood the arrangement.

Thereafter, she usually came around the same time upon finishing her math homework, and after her parents were sound asleep. I wasn't the exhibitionist type, but I empathized with her deviant desire to watch, so I let it happen.

Those were many years ago, and I think about her from time to time, and I wonder about the kind of woman she's blossomed into. I have to say, I miss those vigilant nights.