Vigilant Nights

The first night it happened, I have to admit, I was startled. When I approached my bedroom window and saw her looking in, I immediately recognized her–the teenaged neighbor girl that would walk by my house everyday after school.

She had her left nimble hand between her unripened thighs, and was wearing a lascivious look on her shadowy face. We held eachother's gaze for a moment, and I suddenly understood the arrangement.

Thereafter, she usually came around the same time upon finishing her math homework, and after her parents were sound asleep. I wasn't the exhibitionist type, but I empathized with her deviant desire to watch, so I let it happen.

Those were many years ago, and I think about her from time to time, and I wonder about the kind of woman she's blossomed into. I have to say, I miss those vigilant nights.