All is not well, and you know it. I will suspend you in a biomorphic haze, and revive you from the gnawing malaise. Come. Take My hand.


The PhotographY 

Indulge your senses in the enigmatic revelations of my anti-portraiture, where stagnant truths are supplanted for brimming possibilities.    


The Writings

Immerse yourself in a hallucinatory realm, and witness my imagery imbued life through the chronicles of my alter ego, DragnMastr13.


The Art

Enrich your life, and adorn your space with haunting art that lingers in the corridors of your memory. Browse from my color, and darkroom collections.

Like an obsessed botanist, My color work is a collection of life. Except, My specimens are faces. Welcome to the enchantments and splendor of My gardens. 


The landscapes I was called to explore are the psychological–the terra incognita of the mind, of which, horizons stretch the imagination at the crossroads of light and shadow.