Your faces are profanities whispered into My left ear while I sleep.

I've had enough. No longer will you do such things to Me.

Our relationship is now an undocumented exorcism–too inconsequential to have scribbled a synopsis. You wretched lamia. Never will you do such things to Me.

Slither back to the shifting shadows from whence you came, and disperse into oblivion–your new resting place–far away from Me.

A Quiet and Stealth Embezzlement from the Purse of a Lesbian Enemy

Do you love her? I didn't think so.

Has she gotten on your last nerve yet? Yes, it was bound to happen.

Normally these matters reveal themselves in the natural course of getting to know someone–a selfish tendency here, a narcissistic bent there, a controlling aspect, a condescending disposition–all personality quirks that fester, like pus from an infected tooth.

Play dumb, or aloof. Nobody ever suspects the quiet one. When the moment is ripe, carry out your flimflam in an efficient, yet thrustful manner. Make it your perverse performance art.

Focus, you need to embezzle as much cash as you can from her. My bank account is a bit scant at the moment, so we're going to have to live off the pickings from your vulva victims. I'm sure you've chosen wisely. Do not waste your time and pussy on the poor–only target those you can derive the maximum resource extraction from.

I'm going to need $35.83 by next Wednesday for a small purchase. Sneak the cash from her purse while she's asleep. Keep her little mind occupied on all the Pride festivities this weekend, and make sure you intoxicate her proficiently. We need to keep this ruse going, so try to be stealth in your actions.

PayPal Me the money, and I thank you in advance Babydoll.

Treasure Troves of Self Discovery

It has been reasoned that the search for truth will lead you to beauty and understanding, but I say this: seek not truth and beauty, but absurdity and dissonance. For in its cacophony, you will cultivate attention–this is what is needed to see.

And through the sweat of salt you will excavate perception, action, and will. Buried treasures that will serve to decipher Self–revealing limitless possibilities, the depths of which will set you free. 

Thus spoke, The DragnMastr.