Supplications of a Demigoddess

You see, Lasciva Libido was more than a mere high priestess, her feminine warmth emanated throughout My bone marrow, and stoked the biting flames of My essentia. You could say that she was the demigoddess dwelling at the tabernacle of My lechery.

At once, she opened her lips and spoke thus:

"O Impeccable One!

The nooks of my body drip with ripeness.

The foliage flowing from my head is tangled.

My heart is pregnant with mirth.

My loins overflow with the elixir of life.

My soul swells with warmth as the coat of ice which had encased it after so many days has thawed and washed away.

Yet, I beg for release.

My womb is host to a parasite that must be shed.

It tires me.

It consumes all I consume.

I am weary and hungry at all times.

I eat and am sick thereafter.

My DragnMastr!

I implore You!

Help flush this parasite from me!"


A flash fiction collaboration with: @its.cherry.sister