And at once the crowd assailed the young girl, hurling insults and spewing hatred.

Seeing this injustice, The DragnMastr intervened and spoke thus:

"ENOUGH! Do NOT condemn this young girl, for she is My pupil! And the teachings are sound!

You who fetishize the concordance and nobility of the forest believe the roots beneath our feet bind each of its members together, but your vision is muddled and myopic! We are NOT all one. We are INDIVIDUALS.

Do NOT be like the stagnant tree who is rooted with rigidity! Be like an early morning mist who descends unto the bramble and brings relief from the overbearing sun. It is free to go where it pleases and disperses when the time is right. It is nebulous, and in motion. This weightlessness begets freedom, and freedom begets choice.


Upon hearing this, the over-zealous crowd dispersed into the awakening daylight of reality.