A Visitor of Ill Omen

From the towering heights of her balcony, The Flexilis Pupa looked down on Us, as Lasciva Libido articulated the following omen:

"A visitor stays within the temple. I say, O visiting soul, you may use The temple's resources. Sleep in its refuge, eat and drink, nourish yourself in whatever way you need. But your stay comes with a price: your spirit. Your spirit will reside within the temple forever, although you will be here only one more week. Just know this: you may return one day, and your spirit will still be here for you."

A tender feeling of melancholia cloaked the air. My breathing became belabored, as the denseness of the situation infiltrated My lungs.

There would be retribution to pay, and the definiteness of Death's stroke was upon her inoculator's horizon–I would make sure of it.


A flash fiction collaboration with: @its.cherry.sister