Fluxus Ignis

A Requiem for My Free Will

Whack by whack, I mucked through the indecency and brutality of that hellish underbrush with My machete, forever being prodded and persecuted by the bramble and its dominatrix temperament.

With a spiteful conviction I managed to penetrate My way into a sparse clearing, sweat-soaked, while curses of obscene damnation fermented within My larynx as I panted for oxygen.

Belaboring to catch My breath, I lifted My arms above My head to expand and assist My faltering lungs, as I did so, I caught a staggering glimpse of euphoria incarnate. It was none other than Fluxus Ignis–the florid-fire hoop dryad who spellbound and usurped My aphrodisia last Spring.

I must admit, any semblance of carnal memory is opaque, as I vaguely recall awakening the following Summer to a requiem for My free will. Her possession over Me was a performance art, and I was her marionette doll.

Time had softly revived Me from that funereal somnambulism that I had succumbed to, and I stood there a resurrected soul. Tachycardic, with an omen-flow of blood accumulating in a specific region, I picked up My machete and reconciled with the thorny thickets from whence I came, before she could pervade My senses yet again, and muddle all reason and Self-control beyond the point of no return.

A Beelzebubian Breeding Before The Great Unknown

Again I stared into the expanse of My impalpable future, and again she returned My gaze, looking down at Me–into My chest cavity, which housed a Beelzebubian overgrowth.

The black mass nested itself in-between My lungs, prodding My heart with its breeding possession, and it reminded Me each passing day that My sojourn in this density was limited, and that I would soon return to hitchhiking the highways of The Great Unknown, alone.

Beyond the White Wall of Dread (Part 2)

At once, a transmutation of focus took custody of My blurred vision. I found Myself vis-à-vis another mysterious entity. She was sitting casually, legs crossed, gaze transfixed on Me.

The funereal fears that possessed My chest cavity were gone, but I still felt an apprehensive grip on the rest of My body.

"Do not be afraid, I am your guardian angel. I have come to give you strength."

The message was communicated telepathically, without a linear structure, but with an undulating force and energy that reverberated through My lifeblood, with crystalline clarity.

Her words were reassuring and warm, unlike the words from My previous encounter.

She led Me to a bed of bougainvilleas, where I could rest My depleted spirit. I closed My bloated eyes, and I could feel the grotesque weight loosening its clutch around My chest as She tucked Me in.

The shallow breaths dissolved and were replaced by the vitality and sustenance of divine symbiosis.

I was asleep, finally.