Amoris Et Lux

Ball Gag of Burning Desire

It has been said by the weak of spirit to:

"Be gentle with yourself."

"Forgive yourself."

"Love yourself."

That if you can do these things consistently every day for the rest of your life everything will be peachy.

But I say this:

"Have DISGUST for yourself." For only then will you have the nerve and audacity to be a better version of you. Because the lizard brain does NOT want change. It craves safety.

But the ironic thing about life, is that choosing to stay in your safe little comfort zone is perhaps the most dangerous place you can be.

Staying still leads to stagnation, and stagnant waters are brimming with disease.

Disease of mind.

Disease of body.

Disease of spirit.

Disease that leads to accelerated death.

The lizard brain will lead you to drink from this virulent pond because it is the enemy of achievement, and it would rather have you sick from comfort, than healthy with aspiration.

You cannot eradicate its voice, but you can learn how to muffle it with a ball gag of burning desire.

Thus spoke, The DragnMastr.