Beyond the White Wall of Dread (Part 1)

I stared at the white wall in front of Me, from My confined situation. After My eyes had been out of focus for a persuasive length of time, I meandered across the avenues of perception.

An imperceptible span of shallow breathing later, I found Myself off the beaten track surrounded by leering trees and clammy silence.

There was the scent of moss, mold, and mortality in the breeze.

Entities that gave the impression of nymphets pranced carelessly in My blindspots. Or maybe they were man-eating chimeras–I couldn't be certain, and I was too weary to look in their direction for fear of testicular impalement.

A beautiful woman was there, and She seemed to be contemplating something in a severe, yet nonchalant manner.

Relieved that I had discovered another human, I approached Her and asked what She was thinking about.

Without missing a beat She turned to Me and responded, "I am no mortal. I am Death. And I was thinking about you."