Walking Into the Dark and Calling Out to Them

I walked into the dark, and called out to them.

I could hear my echo rattle the confines of the space and amplify the nightfall. No answer back.

I hadn't formally met them before, but I had a general feeling of how they were supposed to be, and I felt that they would know me just the same.

I continued this practice of walking into the dark and calling out to them for 17 days, and at the end of this period nothing had happened. So I stood there and came to the conclusion that I would try again for another 17 days, and that I would resume in 2 and a half weeks, after the arousal had coagulated.

In the subsequent days, I ate Cuban sandwiches, caught up with reading, spent time with my crystals, and spoke to my vagabond brother's caged animal that slept in the hallway by the bathroom.

That epoch was like an enzyme that catalyzed something within me that I haven't yet figured out.