The Apologetics of Rage: The Case for Vengeance in a Civilized Society

I want you to listen, and listen carefully My disciples.

The best motivation for anything in life, is RAGE.

Forgive Me. I don't know what came over Me. How foolish of Me. Allow Me a moment to regain My fleeting composure.

The best motivation for anything in life, is love–a love for VENGEANCE.

Sweet, delectable vengeance. My divine ambrosia. My nonextinguishable fuel. My loyal companion.

When I start to feel the dejection trickle down My spine, and the easy temptation of forgiveness caresses the back of My neck, you spur Me on with the simple, yet unrelenting pierce of memory. No, I won't forget what she's done.

And I have a perverse delight in knowing that she's nearing 30, and her new lesbian lover is showing signs of wear and tear as well.

But I, HA. I will indulge in the tight, yet ripe freshness of a barely-legal remedy...whomever that may be–I don't know her yet, but I will.

And when I'm lapping up the stale innocence between her thighs, I'll think back at those two who've wronged Me, frolicking under the sheets in their sea of loose skin, and sagging pleasures. All while I snack on My teen dream, undisturbed–peace of mind, peace of taut ass inches from My FACE.

And that will be My sublime revenge. I will make SURE of it.

Thus spoke, The Impeccable One.