The DM13 Correspondence School

Welcome friend!

To receive a little unexpected package in the mail has always been one of my guilty delights, and I'd like to share that feeling with others who appreciate this kind of human connection. 

I've grown disillusioned with the superficiality of social media, and its ephemeral nature. Scrolling through endless feeds, vacuous comments, empty likes, pseudo followers, automated bots, meaningless emojis, social grooming/curating–we can do so much better than this! My growing frustrations with the limitations and annoyances of social media have led me to search for alternative platforms to share my life, thoughts, and passions with friends, and founding the DM13 Correspondence School is a step in the right direction. 

The DM13 Correspondence School will be a community of people that will exchange correspondence through physical mail–a return to the tangible beauty and lost artform of the handwritten letter. However, as an active participant, you'll have the freedom to share whatever you'd like with your fellow members: photographs, doodles, poetry, rants, sketches, recipes, souvenirs, anything really, so long as it's sent through the post office.

Upon receiving your mailing address, I'll send you a letter with instructions, and some stamps to get you started. Nothing else is needed.

I hope you'll find this as satisfying as I do, and I look forward to being your pen pal.


To enroll in the DM13 Correspondence School, please complete the following form. 

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