The genesis of DragnMastr13, my alter ego, resulted from a tugging desire to delve deeper within a facet of myself that had, for a variety of reasons, been muted by the lingering gaze of others.

It's an homage to early internet chatroom culture, where screen names always seemed to have quirky spelling variants, with numbers affixed at the end–in doing so, its users personalized an anonymous identity, making it their own.

I'm fascinated with these anonymous communities, and how their participants have the freedom to invent a new Self, in shadow. I guess that's why I prefer to tackle the study of Self from a quasi-fictional realm, rather than a dialectic. Wearing the DragnMastr13 mask allows me that fluidity–an "I"-ness that isn't concrete and defined, but free to be whomever it pleases. And who I desire to be, is an empowered, ever-evolving individual who finds a playfulness and pleasure in the fabrication and mastery of his identity.

Through the fictional chronicles and photography of this alter ego, I'm crafting an impish personal legend. Its central protagonist, DragnMastr13, is a lowly "orphic fiend" in pursuit of deification, a quest that would thus give ultimate meaning to his disillusioned life. His use of self-capitalizing personal pronouns is a testament to his delusions of grandeur, in an absurd world.